About Me

     Hi everyone! I am Allyson, but you should totally call me Ally. I am 14 years old, I live in Hong Kong, not in the US, but I LOVE American culture ;) I love reading YA Fictions, it doesn't matter what elements are in it, as long as it is YA, I'm good. I'm incredibly short (I like to emphasize that), as in only 5 feet, I'd like to think I will grow taller 'cause I'm just 14, but, we both know that's not the case.
    Now that you know who I am, let's talk about the blog. I decided to start this blog so I can share my books with you. I know, cliche, but it's true. Our local library doesn't have a lot of YA books for me to choose, and most of them are old (some of them are published in the 1990s, I mean, seriously!?), so I usually buy my own books. In addition to book reviews, I'll sometimes post about  random things like my favorite TV show, some healthy-living tips, etc.
    If you guys want to chat/fangirl with me about books, feel free to comment on my posts or you can e-mail me: chillinwithbooks (at) gmail (dot) com or find me on Facebook (the name is not Allyson, don't worry, I didn't link to the wrong profile :D) , Twitter and Goodreads. Since I am the kind of person who doesn't do homework unless it is due tomorrow, I am usually online after school, and I will LOVE for somebody to chat with me :D


  1. Hi there Allyson! Welcome to the blogging world! I like your blog! What font is this that you use?

    1. Thank you! So far I am having a warm welcome to the blogging world ;) I use Puritan for the text (you can find it in Template Designer>Advanced! As for the header I just drew it with my bare hands LOL