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Monday: Book review

Tuesday: Weekly Meme: Books? That's my thing! (it's a meme that I just thought of, the idea is nothing new. I'll write about anything bookish in my life and share with you guys, other book bloggers are welcome to join me, just leave a link in the comments of my posts. I might actually make a Linky for this when the meme becomes more well-known. I have to work out the details, let's just try this on my blog for a few weeks ;) )

Wednesday: Book review

Thursday: Break (Since the Booking Through Thursday blog/website had stopped updating, I decided to take a break for this day and added a meme on Sunday, which is a weekly wrap-up. But don't worry, I will sometimes post things on Thursdays too. Maybe book review or such, if I have some bookish thoughts to get out of my mind ;)

Friday: Book Review + Weekly Meme: Feature & Follow

Saturday: Break

Sunday: Weekly Meme: Weekly Wrap-up (Yup, gonna do a wrap-up post each week and each month too. I don't buy much physical books, I usually buy them by boxes, but I'll include all the posts from the week and have some random talk, some giveaways, book deals from Kindle, etc. I'll fill the post ;)

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