Books? That's My Thing!: My Life on the Day of Halloween

    Hey there guys! Sorry I didn't post a review yesterday, I was planning on reviewing Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, but I couldn't finish the book on time. Yes, that's not a very good excuse, but have you seen the book? That thing has 563 pages! As of right now I am still willing myself to read the last 100 pages or so, it is kind of painful reading this book. Not that it was bad, it just seemed like it was endless, no matter how many limited free time I dumped into reading the book... *sigh* Anyway, this is not about the book, it about Halloween!

    I told you guys this week's Books? That's My Thing will be dedicated to Halloween, but since Halloween wasn't really the biggest deal here in Hong Kong, I can't show you my old costumes because I almost never had any. So, I just decided (yes, I actually just came up with it when I was taking a bath :P) that I will document this my Halloween this year, which will probably make the most boring person on Earth after you've seen it, prepare, for the horror of boringness!

    4:17 A.M: I just woke, and went to the bathroom. Don't know how I remembered it :P

    4:45 A.M.: The time I set my alarm clock, but coincidentally it ran out of battery today, so I didn't wake

    5:38 A.M.: Woke up, realize I wasn't woken by the alarm clock, thought I had overslept, checked the phone, and relaxed, it wasn't too late...

    5:45 A.M.: Finished my breakfast: PB & Banana Sandwich

    6:00 A.M. (rough time): start studying for Economics because I have a test on it today. I actually wrote the notes standing up, because I hate sitting down after I've eaten (I am weird, it's become kind of an understatement now)

    6:35 A.M: Finish writing notes, and head on down to studying for Chinese, because I also have a test on it today. Metaphors, similes, personifications, etc. in poems... It's annoying having to memorize all that stuff :P (But our exams are more practical than just memorizing, which is why I hate studying for Chinese, you don't know what you are actually studying for because there's no way you can study how to analyze a passage, you need practice. And the memorizing stuff only takes up half or less marks in the paper, plus the questions are more difficult than just writing down what you've memorized. I am ranting... Again...)

    7:15 A.M.: Thought I did a pretty good job memorizing stuff so took a break. Resumed reading Beautiful Creatures.

    8:30 A.M: Checked, and found out there were new episodes of Phineas and Ferb and Austin & Ally.

    10:10 A.M.: Finished watching new episodes of P&F, A&A, Shake It Up (I rewatched after I watched it, so it took more time. What? I couldn't resist!)

    10:15 A.M.: Decided to study again, only I've nothing to memorize anymore, so started reading book blogs. There were many blog tours lately... Or is it just me?

    11:07 A.M.: Started prepping to go to school for exams.

    11:40 A.M.: Out the door I went.

    12:02 P.M.: Boarded on a bus. Kept reading Beautiful Creatures on the a-little-more-than-an-hour bus ride.

    01:20 P.M.: Got off the bus, waiting for another bus to take me to my school.

    01:25 P.M.: Realized I am going to be late if I kept waiting for the bus, so I took a cab/taxi (Taxis are way more common here in HK, and the price is much lower than in NY, so don't freak out yet.)

    01:35 P.M.: Arrived school. Met up with friends, started revising again.

    01:45 P.M.: Piled up towards the Hall for exams.

    2:00 P.M.: Exam started, pens started flying.

    2:45 P.M. (yes, the exam is 45 mins long :P): Finished exam, went downstairs waiting for Chinese.

    3:15 P.M.: Chinese exam started.

    4:30 P.M.: Exam ended

    5:00 P.M.: Walked to the bus stop with friends.

    5:30 P.M.: Finally the bus came.

    6:46 P.M.: The bus broke down, we were forced to wait for the next bus

    6:50 P.M.: Luckily another bus came :P

    7:06 P.M.: Finally home

    7:58 P.M.: Finished dinner

    8:03 P.M.: Went to a bath

    8:20 P.M.: Started writing this post

    8:45 P.M.: Would you look at that? The time caught up with us. So now I am gonna end this post :P

Yes, very uneventful day, basically there was only exams in my day, and the broke down was a first. But other than that, nothing :P So, I am sure your Halloween is better than mine. Since we have time difference, you guys probably haven't had your Halloween day yet. But be sure to tell me all about the exciting things you did on the 31st! I am dying to know! ;) BTW: I just remembered someone told me 1D had a new single sometime around 12:39 P.M., which was a surprise for me, not a one directioner, but they are okay, and aside from Red, there's not much new songs these few weeks :P (Added by 8:53 P.M. Allyson Rida)  

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