Weekly Posting Schedule

    So, after book blogging for three weeks, I've decided that a schedule has to be made. You know, so you can have a general idea of when posts are coming, and what kind of posts to expect. Of course, I plan on hosting blog tours once I am more used to scheduled reading then reviewing and also building a larger readers base (please don't hesitate to spread the world about Chillin' With Books ;) ), but for now, I'll follow this schedule for blog posts.

Monday: Book review

Tuesday: Weekly Meme: Books? That's my thing! (it's a meme that I just thought of, the idea is nothing new. I'll write about anything bookish in my life and share with you guys, other book bloggers are welcome to join me, just leave a link in the comments of my posts. I might actually make a Linky for this when the meme becomes more well-known. I have to work out the details, let's just try this on my blog for a few weeks ;) )

Wednesday: Book review

Thursday: Weekly Meme: Booking Through Thursday (I am sure you know this meme, if not, here's the host site: http://btt2.wordpress.com/)

Friday: Book Review + Weekly Meme: Feature & Follow

Saturday & Sunday: Might or might not have posts (The weekends are my relax time! Since I am still a full time student, it's also when I sleep in and do a tremendous amount of homework, so I'll try to post these two days, but I'm not sure what it would be, maybe a weekly wrap-up, or I can postpone the review on Friday to Saturday. Reading takes time!)

    So, there you have it, a posting schedule for Chillin' With Books. I'll try to post 3 reviews per week, but I might have exams and whatnot at times and might not be able to finish books on time, in fact, I have an exam by the end of October, so I might resort to posting mini reviews during exams. I have never stopped reading books just to do revisions but I might not have the time to write a full-length review during exams either (I love to rant, so it takes an hour or two to finish one review...sigh...). Well, we'll see when the time comes, that's the schedule for now, happy reading you guys ;)

P.S. I'll put the schedule in the sidebar and on a new page. Also, please comment if you have any suggestions on how my schedule can change to be more efficient! :D

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