Books? That's My Thing!: Traits in Characters: Part I

    So, last week we talked about YA paranormal (the post here!), and after wrecking my brain for something to write about, I thought of it, character traits.

    What I do mean by that? Well, after reading YA for a few years now, I have found that there were some very common traits among the characters, so this week, I want to deduce them out and discuss! I actually have no problem with similar traits in characters, 'cause what matters is how the character develops, and not how they started out. Of course, I do get a little annoyed at the similar types of love interests, they are either mopey or sunny. And usually the mopey guy wins in the dreaded love triangle... What's up with that? Anyway, I've decided to split this discussion into 2 parts, since I found that after writing about different types of main protagonists, the post is already long. So to keep you interested, and since I have to do revisions for exams this Friday, I the first part today, which is what you are reading now, and the second part on Thursday, I feel weird talking a break on a weekday anyway, and I have so much that I want to share with about this one. So, let's dive in and discuss characters, shall we? ;)

     I think there are actually 2 types of main protagonists, first, the shy kind. You know, those female characters that think of themselves as plain, fat, too tall, too short, too thin or whatsoever while other characters surrounding her thinks she's oh-so-attractive. You may think I am a little too sarcastic here, but bottom line is, I usually find these kind of protagonist quite annoying. You know, 'cause their monologues are usually along the lines of, "I stared at myself, my face is too round and my cheeks too pale, yada, yada, yada." I really don't understand why they had to criticize themselves like that. Everyone is different, and they all have a different opinion on beauty, so why torture yourself by thinking you are not pretty/smart/charming/whatever good traits you think you don't have by placing yourself in your own biased judgment. Seriously, I think no matter how hard you try, your judgment will always be biased. Sometimes maybe more people will agree to your judgment, sometimes they don't. But the important thing is, there's no certainty in judgments. So, I think that these kind of characters need to stop hypnotizing themselves with petty comments on themselves, instead talk about something else in their monologue. Talk about the weather, I don't care, just don't tell me they think of themselves as plain, fat and stuff, 'cause I am sure the readers all think otherwise. Luckily, these types of main protagonists usually grow more confident throughout the book, and with every barrier that they managed to burst through, the more I like them.

     The other common type is the more feisty kind. They are born fighters, they don't take anything from anyone and are usually brave, yet stubborn. I think these kind of main protagonists appears more in paranormal books. I like them, they are strong and they give the story so much more... purpose, if it must be described. Since these kinds of characters always seem very determined to do something, or their inquiring minds just couldn't stand the thought of something happening that people surrounding them are hiding, these kind of characters like to get to the bottom of things, no matter the trouble they have to go through to get there, and the whole plot of the story always seems clearer with these characters. We know from the traits that he/she won't back down until things are all in the clear , so we have a clear idea of where the plot will be heading. A good example of these types of characters: Cassandra from the Secret series (I am not sure how many people have read this one, but the series is very good or should I say, very secretive ;) MG and YA readers will enjoy it!)

    However, mostly the main protagonists of YA books are actually the two types that were mentioned combine together. We throw the two together and we get a protagonist that doesn't think highly of his/her-self, but is sure capable to kick someone's ass when the need arise. There many examples this kind of characters, like Daisy Giordano from the Dead is series, Cammie from the Gallagher Girls series, Tris from the Divergent Trilogy, etc.

That's the end of part one of this topic! So, what do you think of my opinion of separating main protagonists into 3 types? Should there be more? Is it a bad classification? 'Cause I totally understand if you disagree, that's the point of discussing! We need voices with other perspectives! If you agree, which type do you like the most? Comment below and let's discuss! ;)

Oh, I have something to tell you guys concerning this meme, I've decided to create a banner for it! I think it would be up sometime on November, I want to think about the design more, and use more time to draw it. And when the banner's out, I think I might make a Linky list of this meme, of course, I still have the worry that no one would join, 'cause thinking up of a topic actually takes a lot out of me too, maybe we will do unified topics, but that is if someone really want to do the meme too ;)

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