Weekly Wrap-Up (2)

    Hey guys! Another week gone, any exciting things that you want to share with me? This week I started my first exam of the school year, I had tests on Biology and Mathematics Friday. I think I nailed Maths, it was pretty easy, but no so much in Biology. I think I messed up on the experiment questions, in my defense that set-up was completely ridiculous, how should I know what the hypothesis is? I am not even sure why the experiment exists! I still remember the questions, but I won't burden you guys with my rant on this ridiculous question, let's review what happened on the blog this week!

    Monday: Review: Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake (Anna #2) (I was listening to the new Taylor Swift album when I was reading this book, and I think the song Come Back... Be Here really speaks out Cas' feelings. I know the lyrics didn't exactly all match the setting, but the message about wanting the guy to come back from wherever really fits the setting of Cas wanting Anna to come back. So, the song here, tell me if you think another song would fit this book more! I am always up for some music ;) )

    Tuesday: Books? That's My Thing!: Character Traits Part I (In part I of this discussion on common character traits, we look at two very common types of main protagonists. I never thought the topic will stretch to three posts, but I guess I just have too much to say! Anyway, feel free to comment and discuss with me! Thinks I've got it all wrong? Tell me, I want to know what you think, that's the beauty of a discussion!)

    Wednesday: Review: Dead and Beyond by Jayde Scott (Ancient Legends #4) (I really like this series and had high expectations for it, but this book really failed me. It wasn't bad, I just expect more since the last two books of the series was so good... My review on Book 2, Doomed here and Book 3, Voodoo Kiss here)

    Thursday: Books? That's My Thing!: Character Traits Part II (In this post we talked about traits in villains and secondary characters, come and dicuss ;) )

    Friday: Feature & Follow (6) (This week we talked about some writing style in a book that we dislike. I really hate switching POVs, especially when the book was written in third person.)

    Saturday: Books? That's My Thing!: Character Traits Part III (That's the last part of the discussion, where we talked about love interests! )

    Sunday: Review: Forever and Beyond by Jayde Scott (Ancient Legends #5) (Sorry this was two days late, hope you guys enjoy the review!)


The Spooktacular Giveaway! (The blog list is at the end of the post linked) Um, how can I not blog about the biggest giveaway of the year so far? After all, more than 400 blogs are participating! Unfortunately, I am not one of the blogs :/

Novel Sounds: Drain You Blog Tour Giveaway (INT, 5 copies of Drain You signed, $50 credit at Wasteland (Quinn’s favorite store), pages from Quinn’s notebook, 10 ‘Drain You’ bookmarks handmade by Quinn, 10 90′s mixtapes curated and created by Quinn)

Katie' Book Blog: Signed Through to You ARC (INT, A signed ARC copy of Through To You by Emily Hainsworth)

A Life Bound By Books: Haunted Halloween 2012: Guest Post - Auracle author, Gina Rosati + A GIVEAWAY (INT, A personalized, signed hardcover of Auracle, a swag bag with an Auracle bookmark, magnet, button, silicone bracelet, sticker, and an uber-fancy beaded bookmark.)

BTW, some of these giveaways end in two to three days, so hurry up and enter ;)

And that's the end of this week's wrap-up post! I have to dive into Geography now, exams tomorrow. But, I would love the distraction and get to know about your week! So, comment below and tell me! ;)

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