Review: Doomed/Beelzebub Girl by Jayde Scott (Ancient Legends#2)

Title: Doomed/Beelzebub Girl (Ancient Legends #2)
Author: Jayde Scott
Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Scotland (self-published)
Synopsis/Summary: Enter a paranormal world of dark magic, rituals, love bonds and legends… 
Fallen angel Cassandra wasn't supposed to fall in love with Dallas. It should've been just a bit of fun she couldn't resist. The bond they share could save her from her curse before she's forever bound to Hell. Trouble is, she's Lucifer's daughter and Dallas is mortal, and mortals don't survive in Cass's world. When strange things are starting to happen in Hell, Cass knows she must protect Dallas at all costs because where Cass comes from, losing one's twin flame is a fate worse than death... 
Will chaos-loving Cassandra find a way to sway her immortal family in time with a revengeful killer wracking havoc in Hell in her quest to get the one thing half the paranormal world desires?
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    This book, is pure genius guys! It's totally worth the $2.99 on Amazon! I am not a big fan of paranormal romance, but I tell you, this book will suck you in even if you're not a fan of the genre!

    Okay, so, now that I have calmed down enough to compose my thoughts, I'll tell why you HAVE to read this book.

     First of all, Cass! But that shouldn't be discussed in the plot section, so... Second of all, humor! Seriously, this book had me cracking up the whole time, sure there are dramatic and sad parts, but most of the story focused on Cass as she tried to maintain his relationship with Dallas (Amber, our protagonist of the first book's brother) while keeping her paranormal identity a secret! Now, we all know secrets in a relationship is a big no-no, so I had a lot of fun (yes, call me a devil for watching people suffer from their own messes) reading about how Cass managed to hide Dallas from the fact that they are in Hell, literally. Most part of the book feels like a rom-com to me, and it actually lightens the mood while reading most of the book. For the remaining of the book, it was very dramatic and it was so gripping that I literally couldn't detach myself from my phone (sadly, I don't have a Kindle). So, in short, this book is equal part dramatic and funny, Jayde Scott pulled it off wonderfully!

     Another thing that I liked about the plot, the ending! Seriously, it's part cliffhanger and part closure, and I love it! It gave me hope after the tragedy that happened near the end of the book, while also telling me that it's time for the story to end and we as readers left Dallas and Cass alone to fight for their love and bond. I have always complain about endings of other books, because most either ended too abruptly and rushed or too perfect, leaving readers no room of imagination, this ending, in my opinion, is perfect! Ugh, I just love it to death, I'm even okay if there's no sequel, leaving me with the little cliffhanger, because I just feel the overwhelming hopefulness in the end and I know how things will turn out, doesn't mean it's predictable though ;)

    Third thing I love about the plot, the romance! Yes, it's very rare that I would love the romance of a book so much, recently there's only Alice in Zombieland (haven't officially started it, I bought the physical book and the ebook, and I might have taken a few peaks in the ebook, but I love reading  physical books, so I'll endure, for now. Until the book arrives...), but now I have one more to the list, Cass and Dallas! Seriously guys, these two aren't overly clingy like some couples and they never got more than just a few intense kisses but that's enough for me, 'cause I can feel that they are passionate about each other. However, if you're looking for romances that's so steaming hot it makes feel like you're in a sauna, it might disappoint.

    One weird thing about the plot though, is how fast Cass and Dallas progress. Sure, they're mates and all, but Dallas actually moved in after only three chapters, and it was mentioned in the start that they hadn't seen each other for months before the story began... Now, I don't know about you, but I think that's too fast, Dallas said he wanted to skip the dating part but really? He moved no more than 24 HOURS after their FIRST meeting in MONTHS, tell me I am not the only one finding this particularly weird. Well, I guess there really is nothing that could keep these lovebirds apart. Aside from this, I freaking love EVERY part of this book! Ugh, I am fangirling again, let me compose myself...

    Okay, I am finding the setting of Hell is really stereotypical. Unbearable heat, dying trees, cracking earth? It's definitely the typical image for Hell, so like A Job From Hell, the settings are common, yet again, Jayde Scott put a good spin on the idea and made it into the perfect backdrop for the romance between Dallas and Cass.

    So, there's a curse involve in this book too. I've found a formula, paranormal romance+fated bond+curse=Ancient Legends boos. I don't mind Jayde Scott repeating this formula though, 'cause I am sure she'll be able to whip up a tale filled with romance with unexpected twist I'll enjoy from this formula. So the setting doesn't really matter much in my opinion, well, unless you're crafting a completely different world like dystopian novels, what matters is the plot, and like I said, I love it!

    I love almost EVERY character in this book! Well, all except for Rebecca, that girl is a pycho.

    I couldn't love Cass more! If you've read my review on A Job From Hell (link here), you'll know that I loved Cass right from the start! She's mischievous and I love that kind of character, they're so much to watch because they seem to have ways to get out of EVERYTHING, and their constant funny yet genius plans don't hurt either. Cass has all of these traits PLUS she's kind-hearted, making me love her even more. Throughout the book, she had had many ingenious ideas, including making Dallas propose to her, clearing Hell's name (at least it's something like that) and I just love it. She's kind immature at times but that made me love her even more! Plus I would really like to someday her persuasion skills, it could be useful ;)

     I also really liked Dallas. Despite what Amber said in the first book, Dallas is definitely a very good guy, and a very hot one too. I like that he seems to put up with Cass' far-fetched lies to hide the paranormal world from him, and his concern on Amber made him so much more attractive. A guy that loves and cares for his family deeply, with charming good looks too, isn't he the package?

     Other characters like Amber and Aidan also made an appearance too, no Kieran and Clara though, what a shame. I am only now realizing how protective Amber is towards Dallas and it did, in some degrees, annoy me a lot. Can't she see that Cass is a really great girl for Dallas? Why did she keep insisting Cass is unstable? It's not like she know everything about her. Well, my rants aside, I still love Amber, and I understand her protectiveness towards his brother, I don't like it though. Aidan doesn't have much part in this book, which is kind of sad 'cause after the first book, he has grown on me a little. Well, I heard that the fourth book will be about Amber and Aidan's story again, so I don't have to worry ;)

Conclusion (notice the title graphics? I actually have one for conclusions too but I keep forgetting to scan it...):

    One thing that I want to note is that I love the cover of Doomed more than the cover and title for the Kindle edition. The cover that I featured in the info brings out the story of this book much better, and Doomed actually sounded way cooler than Beelzebub Girl (how can you be serious when you say the word "Beelzebub"?).

    Okay, covers aside, I really recommend this book to all of you, not just YA paranormal lovers, 'cause this book is great, with the humorous storytelling technique of Jayde Scott, this book sure provides a relaxing read for readers, with a hint of drama and thriller too. But be warned, the ending is not happily ever after but I think it suits the book well. This book can actually be read as a stand-alone, some previous events in book one were mentioned but Cass did briefly recap most of the events and readers would be fine learning about Cass and Dallas on the way, since Cass and Dallas aren't exactly heavily featured characters in book one. So, go on and buy it! The book is only $2.99 on Amazon for the Kindle version and the same on B&N but it promises so much more than its price! I am definitely giving this 5 stars!

Rating: 5 stars!

Do you guys love paranormal romance stories? Any suggestions? What do you think of Doomed? Great? Horrible? I would love to hear your opinion on the comments! :)


  1. Doomed looks so great. I can't believe it's only $2.99..I hear the prices are going to go up too. Yes I love paranormal romance stories..Hmm off the top of my head? I enjoyed the Darkness Rising series :D

    Giselle from Book Nerd Canada

    1. The 3rd and the 4th book is 4.99, so...

      I love the Darkness Rising Series too! I am so excited for The Rising, I can't wait to see Maya meets Chloe ;)